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We are the Kolb's. Jimmy is an equipped bench specialist and currently holds the record for history's heaviest bench ever done at 1,320lbs. Kate has been behind him on and off the platform for the last 12 years as his wife and training partner. 

We know the hardships and sacrifices of loving a sport that doesn't pay often, and we know the expenses that go into being the best you can be on and off the platform. We would not be where we are today without the help of so many, and now it's our turn to give back, and help bring up the next big lifter. 

Our goal for this scholarship is to award young athletes with a check for $1,000 each and a powerlifting goodie box. Our hope is that this money is used to help them buy equipment, pay gym dues, enter meets, pay for travel expenses, etc. so that they can succeed in the world of powerlifting. You can check out more on our website by clicking the button below!


On July 10th join us as 11 of the strongest benchers in history sit down together to talk bench and answer YOUR questions. Everyone on this expert panel has benched at least 1,000lbs in competition and knows a thing or two about how to build big benches.

The Virtual Panel:

Each person who buys a ticket to this event will have a chance to ask questions when they checkout that we will go over on the webinar, as well as an open chat during the show! Once you sign up a zoom link will be emailed the morning of the event to all those who purchased a ticket. Once the show is over you will also have access to the recording via a private Youtube video. All proceeds for this go directly to the Kolbstrong Scholarship for young powerlifters!

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