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As the worlds strongest equipped bencher, the only place to go from here is breaking my own records and building more benchers to break the rest. 

I believe that there are no secrets to being the best, it's simply hard work and doing what no one else is willing to do, on repeat, until you win. And I also believe that helping others and showing folks exactly how I train, won't make me any weaker. So I created the Kolbstrong Power Community on Patreon to share exactly what I do in the gym every day. I record all of my workouts and then explain what I'm doing with voice over commentary. You also get to see glimpses of my crew and life off the platform from the warm up room at meets to big events I want to share what I do to find success in hopes that others can learn from it and find success themselves. 


As a young powerlifter I would have loved nothing more than to see a bench only program written by Ryan Kennelly or Scott Mendelson, to see how they train for such a niche sport. It is my goal to give back to the powerlifting community as much as I can, and so I wrote these programs sharing how I trained and structured my workouts as I worked up to each accomplishment in hopes that it helps someone hit there bit marks too.



I have tried every method of benching you can think of, and I am confident when I say I've perfected how to build a big bench. There are programs that will give you basic layouts that CAN get you results in the beginning, but just like how people are vastly different, what works for one person's bench may not work for another. This is why I offer custom programming based on what I think your needs and weak points are. 

I currently have two options for custom programming and due to time constraints, both of them have limited (if any) availability.


The first, is a custom 12 week program built all at once, and delivered to you to work on independently, with the option to reach out when if needed. I only offer 4 of these per month.


The second option is a 12 week custom program where I send you your workouts each Sunday and have a weekly check in with you, to build as we go. I currently only offer 10 of these spots on a rolling basis. See below for current availability



One of my favorite ways to connect with people and share my bench knowledge is through in person seminars. In these seminars I share everything from how I got started, to things I've tried in the past, to what I'm doing now. I answer questions as we go, and each seminar is different based on the crowd and what YOU want to know. After the main talking portion is over, I welcome anyone who wants to get hands on to start benching and I will go over setup, technique, and help as much as I can in that moment.  These seminars are an all day event for me, so you can have me for as long as you want that day so we cover as much as possible!

Pricing is dependent on several factors, but we do try to keep it as cost efficient for everyone. To book a seminar, fill out the form below and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible to go over logistics!

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